Choose Your Sector

Single Spot or Tiny Homes

For homes that already have an existing HVAC infrastructure but need to condition additional space such as a basement, mother-in-law suite or just a room where the temperature isn’t quite right, an LG system can be easily added and installed for convenient comfort.

Whole Home

With multi-zone outdoor units that can support up to twelve indoor units it is possible to get whole home comfort on a single outdoor unit. This not only maximizes efficiencies by only engaging zones as needed but it also allows for personalized comfort.


In areas such as the Northeast where homes are older and built without HVAC, LG duct-free systems Additionally, with LGRED° heat available a number of units those Northeast homes can stay warm all winter long without the need for a supplemental heating source.

New Construction & Design-Build

With a greater emphasis on energy efficiency LG systems are perfect for new construction and design-build homes that are looking to lower operating costs while maximizing design. 

Restaurants & Bars

With support to up to twelve zones the single-phase 5-ton heat recovery Multi V S is ideal for restaurants and bars because its simultaneous heating and cooling means that the in the winter the kitchen can stay in cooling while the house is in heating for the patrons all on a single outdoor unit.


Offering PTACs, single zone and multi-zone systems, LG has a range of products that are perfectly suited to maximize guest comfort and efficiency.  


Boasting incredibly quiet operation and industry-leading efficiency, LG systems work well for retail applications as they provide customized comfort for each tenant but are minimally invasive.


Whether it’s providing comfort to classrooms or the gym LG has a range of solutions that work for each application with multi-zone options for larger spaces to PTACs and single zone systems for individual rooms.

Office Space

LG single zone systems are the perfect addition for correcting those offices that aren’t properly served by the primary air conditioning systems or if you need to condition more space LG multi-zone systems have the performance and energy efficiency without sacrificing occupant comfort. 

Multi-Family & Communities

Due to their quiet operation and compact footprint LG systems are great for housing within close proximity of each other as they can maximize usable space while minimizing perceivable noise. 



LG’s Multi F Inverter Heat Pump Outdoor Units with ductless, High-Efficiency wall-mounted indoor units were chosen for quality comfort control.

Kentucky Farmhouse

The farmhouse had both a rich history & antiquated infrastructure. Hellmann felt the lack of air conditioning acutely during Kentucky’s humid summer months, which frequently see temperatures over 90° F. They sought an HVAC solution that would fit their needs without compromising the farmhouse’s historic aesthetic.

Comfort, Contained. The Home of Ron Sturgeon and Linda Allen

When homeowners Ron Sturgeon and Linda Allen decided to build a custom home in Fort Worth, Texas, they wanted a home that would be eye-catching and energy efficient. To meet their needs, Sturgeon and Allen decided that a combination of a ducted & duct-free HVAC systems would be the ideal solution.

ARI Aerosol Packaging Facility

It was essential to the client to heat or cool the warehouse in an energy effi cient way and effectively maintain consistent temperature within the large space. The High Static Ducted Single-Zone units from LG met both these needs, in addition to providing long-term cost savings due to the units’ energy efficiency.

The OneNest Project

OneNest Project is a labor of love, bringing together a thoughtful team that plans to build the homes of the future without losing the style and romance of traditional architecture. The project combines the latest material, science and design to build a home in less time, with less waste, and at a high quality similar to that of traditional building methods.

Auburn University Rural Studio

LG's tri-zone MULTI F™ Inverter heat pump system complementied the design aesthetic for the structure while offering high performance and customized temperature control in an energy-efficient, cost effective manner.

Stetson Mansion Historical Home

The stylish ArtCool™ air conditioning units combine the high-end style of artwork or photography with the smart technology of an air conditioner, providing an all-in-one solution to the Stetson Mansion.

Greenovative Homes

To match the home’s unique eco-friendly design features, LG's flexible air conditioning solution provides independent comfort zones, taking maximum advantage of LG’s innovative inverter technology.

Wild Florida Airboat Tours

Wild Florida Airboat Tours is a family-owned company that provides airboat tours to view Florida’s wildlife in the Kissimmee River basin that remains untouched by man. See how the LG Multi F system met the facility’s needs for climate control with fluctuating occupancy rates while still operating quietly (to be respectful of the surrounding natural habitat).