Vertical Markets

From industry-leading VRF to advanced rooftop dedicated outdoor air systems (RTDOAS) all working in harmony with the ground-breaking MultiSITE controls platform, LG allows building owners to get the solution that is perfectly suited for their vertical  such hospitality, schools, healthcare and office buildings.

The guest experience will never be the same. LG Multi V commercial air conditioning's new modular design provides the ultimate guest and hospitality building owner experience. Engineered to provide each guest custom control of the temperature.

The comfort experience for office buildings. The benefits of quiet, energy efficient, sustainable building innovations may enhance your property value. The right choice for the LEED® generation.

The guest experience will never be the same. LG Multi V commercial air conditioning's new modular design provides the ultimate guest and hospitality building owner experience. Engineered to provide each guest custom control of the temperature.

The comfort experience for office buildings. The benefits of quiet, energy efficient, sustainable building innovations may enhance your property value. The right choice for the LEED® generation.

K-12 and University

Creating a cost effective learning environment. Multi V, offering flexibility to adjust to growing and changing space requirements.


The energy efficiency experience will never be the same. Multi V, innovative comfort technology, offers a quiet, low maintenance, flexible, stylishly unobtrusive commercial air conditioning system ideally suited for government facilities with new technology for LEED® opportunities.

For medical office buildings and hospitals. LG Electronics, a leading provider to the healthcare industry, brings visionary modular design to improve comfort in problem areas within medical facilities.

Project Profiles


Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope’s headquarters is a 200,000-square foot, modern, industrial styled, open-concept, multi-use facility. The building houses a large atrium, auditorium, cafeteria, dining room, kitchen, open office spaces and private offices. More than 280 of the organization’s 500-plus total employees work at the facility daily.

ValleyPoint Church

ValleyPoint Church, a just-completed new-build project, was conceptualized as a place of worship, learning and gathering for the Glen Mills, Pennsylvania community. With space for up to 400 people to assemble for weekly services and other activities, the leadership behind ValleyPoint Church looked to create an inviting and flexible modern facility that suited its many intended uses and its occupants.

Discovery at The Realm

Located in Lewisville, Texas the Discovery at The Realm is one of the newest developments in the Bright Realty portfolio. The sprawling multi-family residential complex features luxury apartments as well as top of the line amenities to give residents an oasis to call home. In this project profile, see how LG VRF not only delivered on the requirements of the project but delivered energy savings to the residents.

The Marlton Hotel

A large nine-story building located in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City, the Marlton Hotel has a storied history, serving as home to some of the most famous and influential artists and writers of the modern era, such as Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady. Built in 1900 and purchased in 2013 to be converted to a hotel, the Marlton Hotel was designed to mimic boutique Parisian hotels, with original herringbone-wood floors, intricate crown molding, marble bathrooms, and brass fixtures. Originally built without central air conditioning, the project team needed a solution that would maximize space, optimize efficiency, create an atmosphere for individual guest comfort and preserve its signature style.

The Mackie Building

Built in 1879 and located in the heart of Downtown Milwaukee Wisconsin the Mackie Building is an architectural masterpiece with a rich history. When J. Jeffers & Co. purchased the building they embarked on a multi-million dollar renovation to turn the 55,000 square-foot historic building into a vibrant mixed-use complex complete with restaurants, businesses and residential spaces. See how LG VRF was used to modernize the functionality without impacting the historic integrity.

Columbia Square

Originally built in 1938 as the home of CBS's Hollywood headquarters, Columbia Square is an iconic 4.7-acre studio lot. See how LG VRF contributed to revamp of this Hollywood classic into a LEED Gold urban oasis complete with workspaces, restaurants, walkable shopping and residential living.

The Sharpe Building at the Foundry

Nestled amid a mixed-use complex of 13 restored brick commercial and residential buildings on 26 acres at the edge of Downtown Providence, the Sharpe Building at the Foundry is undergoing a sensitive historic restoration & conversion from an old mill building into 196 loft-style luxury residences, including an all new LG HVAC system.

Smouse Opportunity School

The Smouse Opportunity School, commissioned in 1931, was the first school in Iowa created for those students unable to attend public school due to physical or mental disabilities. Smouse’s goal in updating their HVAC system was to improve the overall comfort and learning environment to suit their diverse student body, while maintaining the architectural details.

Euclid Chemical

With both office areas and laboratories housed in the building, Euclid Chemical in Cleveland, Ohio needed a dependable, cost effective and efficient system that would work in Ohio’s climate and meet their unique needs. See how a LG VRF solution replaced an aging VAV system and exceeded expectations when the facility saw a 70% annual energy reduction compared to the average of the previous five years.

Bexar Courthouse

In 1896, the citizens of Bexar County, Texas built a magnificent courthouse in the heart of San Antonio. Unfortunately, the ravages of time degraded the courthouse’s appearance and in 2015 the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program decided to renovate and return it to its 1896 glory. Not wanting to sacrifice modern comfort, see how the use of LG VRF technology solved the need to preserve the historical integrity of the courthouse while simultaneously ushering it into modern day.

The Chicago Motor Club

One of the developer’s key challenges was installing an updated, efficient heating and cooling system that would reflect the enhanced values of a lavish downtown hotel without disturbing or disrupting the building’s historic – and protected – architecture.The installation of LG’s air conditioning systems was completed in a timely and seamless manner, strategically meeting – and at times exceeding – all of the challenges and criteria set forth by the project.

The Commons at Imperial Hotel

The goal of the project was achieved by supporting the specifi c comfort needs of each resident with the integration of LG’s Multi V III VRF technology, which also offered the flexibility of installing new air conditioning units without compromising the building’s appearance.

The Vermont

The Limbach Company realized that by switching out the originally scoped Water Source Heat Pumps with an LG Multi V VRF system, they would be able to install the system with higher energy efficiency for about the same cost as the original plan.

Trinity Medical Center

Trinity Medical Center not only required an HVAC system that would not disrupt existing tenants when adding new air conditioning to newly configured spaces but also needed for a quiet, energy-efficient air conditioning system that could heat or cool across separate zones. LG Electronics’ VRF Multi V II was able to meet all of these needs.

Sprout Space

Sprout Space's objective is to design a sustainable 21st century classroom.The project needed products that not only had low energy consumption, but would also create a source of sustainable energy.

WeWork Shared/Collaborative Workspace

One of the key components of the WeWork retrofit was replacing an out-dated HVAC system comprised of self-contained vertical units on each floor of the building, including a maintenance room required to operate the system.

Zero Energy America

LG's VRF products provided Zero Energy America, Tampa with a flexible solution with independent comfort zoning, while providing energy efficient, eco-friendly design features and upscale design.

Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport

LG's VRF technology is not only designed for exceptional experience, it is proven in the field. Please take a read of the results Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport experienced from their decision to utilize LG VRF products.

The Ebell of Los Angeles

The Ebell of Los Angeles required a versatile system to fulfill the cooling, heating and dehumidifying needs of the theater and event hosting spaces. The project needed products that not only maintained the aesthetically appropriate historic qualities of the landmark property but also delivered high performance and enhanced energy savings.

The Sinclair

A historic art deco icon meets cutting-edge luxury at The Sinclair, a Marriott Autograph Collection hotel. Built during the early 20th Century oil boom of Texas, the Sinclair Building has stood as one of the most recognizable icons of downtown Fort Worth since 1930. The Sinclair’s mission is to create an unforgettable and luxurious experience for its guests in a classic building environment.

Roxbury at Stratton Falls in Roxbury, NY

Nestled in the enchanting Catskill Mountains of New York, The Roxbury at Stratton Falls redefines the concept of extraordinary guest experiences. Owned by Gregory Henderson and Joseph Massa, The hotel features a collection of exquisite, themed tower cottages and mansion rooms designed to provide guests with an unforgettable experience. With temperatures ranging from 14°F to 77°F throughout the year, reliability was a top priority, alongside a seamless integration with the visual look of the tower cottages and mansion rooms. This case study reveals how LG Art Cool™ Gallery units throughout the tower cottages and mansion rooms, offered the perfect solution, as they were designed to be discreet, quiet and efficient.

Box Office Warehouse Suites

The Box Office Warehouse Suites (BOWS) in Fort Worth, Texas, is a unique and affordable commercial lease space constructed entirely of shipping containers. It is made of 154 shipping containers, has bright, inviting colors, glazed storefronts for increased visibility, outdoor patios, and a grassy area. BOWS is flexible, energy-efficient, secure, and has high-quality finishes, making it an ideal location for small businesses. This case study reveals how LG's ductless mini split systems help to keep occupants comfortable while keeping energy bills low.

Project Profile - Garden Grove Elementary School

Garden Grove Elementary School opened in 1975 in Winter Haven, Florida. It is now the main school for about 737 students in grades Pre-K through 5. When the school needed to replace its 20-year-old, 60-ton Chiller because of age and general wear and tear, Polk County Schools' HVAC Coordinator, James Cobb, started looking into replacement options that would keep the school cool, were energy efficient, quiet, and had redundancy so that students and staff would be covered if a Chiller went out. This case study highlights how the school's needs were met by the LG Inverter Scroll Chiller.